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Miike's is a truly dark sensibility, and it's no surprise that he earnt himself a cameo in torture thriller Hostel.

But he can be a Dadaist joker too – I can heartily recommend the demented Gozu, which starts as a gangster story, then turns into a Lynchian nightmare involving a minotaur creature with a very slurpy tongue.

Some of Shinzaemon’s band of brothers are given more prominence than others, like his gambling-addicted nephew, Shinrokuro (Takayuki Yamada), and his sturdy, fiercely loyal apprentice, Hirayama (Tsuyoshi Ihara).

There’s also scruffy oldster Sahara (Arata Furuta), who asks for payment upfront (if you mapped the cast of “Ocean’s Eleven” on this, he’d be Elliott Gould), and rangy non-samurai Koyata (Takayuki Yamada, providing comic relief), who couldn’t give a damn about honor but is up for a good scrap.

Good luck in this movie all the actors and actresses who played OMO I really love their chemistry yoo jung is the best! And I can't stop watching this the day onwards until this day I still keep on watching it. Start watching while I was on holiday in the Far East!One is the monster movie parody “Love & Peace,” which is set for an early summer bow; another is “Hisohiso Boshi,” a Fukushima-nuclear-disaster-themed film without a firm opening date. Not only is he super good looking but he's amazing at acting too : D I like him as Morita(Honey and Clover)and Rikiishi Tooru(Ashita no Jo-)but, my fave is Yoshitsune in Sukiyaki Western Django; beautiful! Swordplay throughout is gracefully executed, with Miike and editor Kenji Yamashita striking a judicious balance between closeups and long shots.Indeed, the film’s staging makes consistent logical sense, providing a clear idea of what’s going on where and who’s who.There's something of that here too, but this film's maker is not one for hanging around.Takashi Miike is not to be confused with director, actor and cult heavy Takeshi Kitano, although they share a taste for provocation.Pic’s last 45 minutes or so basically offers one long battle scene as Shinzaemon and Naritsugu’s posses square off in a town loaded with booby traps set by Shinzaemon’s crew to even the 200-13 odds.Heads literally roll, but considering Miike’s reputation for extreme gore, the violence is largely restrained. XD I searched him around Tokyohive and saw his name there. I'm so surprised that only a few people know of him. He has such a wide range of roles that he's done and they're all so full of character, he's absolutely brilliant.