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They are a response to the increasing secularisation of the institutional church.The ‘New Evangelical Movement’ made up of fundamentalist, ‘born again’ Christian groups have grown rapidly in numbers in recent years and are typical of this type of NRM.Hence, in this sense, such groups can be seen as 'world-affirming'.There are not many religions that embrace the world as it is, that are materialistic and hedonistic: Satanism is definitely one of them.

These NRMs exist on the margins of established churches and denominations.

Since a high proportion of these NRMs have survived, the overall number has continued to rise.

Through the 1950s, the religious triumvirate— Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism—dominated the American religious landscape.

Such NRMs either abandon the world or attempt to transform the world with evangelical zeal.

For example, the Unification Church, commonly known as the Moonies, rejects materialism, encourages its members to hand over all assets and imposes an ascetic lifestyle on its followers.