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But Orth offered no more details on what had happened with Rogers.

In Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book, Going Clear, which Gibney’s film is based on, there are a few more details about the split, including a quote from Rathbun about how he took divorce papers to Mimi and told her it was the best thing for Scientology.

But Rathbun tells us that there’s a much more involved story than has ever been published about how Scientology was involved in the breakup of Cruise and Rogers.

With the help of Rathbun and several other sources, some of whom have never spoken for publication before, we’ve put together a story that should fill in some important gaps in the record.

When Alex Gibney’s film Going Clear premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, much of the subsequent news coverage focused on revelations by former Church of Scientology executive Mark “Marty” Rathbun that the church actively “drove a wedge” between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, helping to end their relationship.

Rathbun said that Scientology leader David Miscavige had even helped propel that breakup by ordering Kidman’s phone to be tapped, and the organization also worked to have Tom and Nicole’s adopted children, Isabella and Connor, turn away from their mother.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Scientologists But don’t expect Cruise to respond publicly to the reality TV personality — or to take action against her.

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La même année, il joue le rôle d’un jeune militaire dans Taps d’Harold Becker. Francis Ford Coppola l'engage au milieu d’une génération de jeunes acteurs au futur prometteur dans Outsiders, puis Cruise apparaît dans trois autres films, dont Risky Business aux côtés de Rebecca De Mornay.A lawyer for Miscavige refers to Rathbun and Rinder as “a dynamic duo of lunatic venom and untrustworthy bile” and denies that the incident above ever took place.Tom Cruise and David Miscavige declined to be interviewed by According to several of these on-the-record sources, Scientology more and more came to be whatever Miscavige said it was, and both Kidman and Cruz had been found wanting in their embrace of the organization and therefore unsuitable for the highly prized Cruise—Kidman especially. Après avoir interprété des seconds rôles, notamment dans Taps et Outsiders, il obtient son premier rôle important dans la comédie dramatique Risky Business en 1983, mais c'est après avoir interprété Pete « Maverick » Mitchell dans Top Gun (1986) qu'il devient une star internationale.Depuis, il a joué dans de nombreux films à succès, tels que Rain Man, Né un 4 juillet, Entretien avec un vampire et les cinq épisodes de la saga Mission impossible.Cruise sued for divorce, and the children—Bella, then eight, and Connor, then six—were reportedly given a course in identifying Suppressive Persons.As Penélope Cruz became Cruise’s new love interest, she took her own set of courses, but, the sources say, she soon ran afoul of Miscavige, who dismissed her as a mere “dilettante” when it was learned that she was unwilling to forsake her Buddhist beliefs., Katie Holmes signed a crazy contract to not "embarrass" Tom Cruise following their divorce in 2012.Per the report, Katie wanted out of her marriage SO badly that she succumbed to an insane agreement essentially dictating the terms of her life for FIVE YEARS.“Sadly, bitterness and anger are common threads through Ms.Remini’s life,” the church said in a statement on its website.