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In this month’s Essence magazine Angie Stone talks about leaving J Records, satisfaction with her weight and mentions her new album “The Art of Love and War.” I say mention because there was nothing more about it in the article.

I’ve imagined a lot of things that inspired the song’s rousing lyrics (Love to make you wet / In between your thighs cause / I love when it comes inside of you), but collard greens weren’t among them.At that event, the sources say, Madonna walked over and told a woman sitting next to D, “I think you’re in my seat.” The woman got up.Madonna sat down and told him, “I’d like to know what you’re thinking.” To which D replied, “I’m thinking you’re rude.” Paul Hunter, the director hired to make the video, says his work was misunderstood: “Most people think the ‘Untitled’ video was about sex, but my direction was completely opposite of that.Stone—thirteen years older than D—was three months pregnant with their son.They headed to the event together in a limo, but as they neared the venue where D was going to perform, it suddenly pulled over. It started the wheels turning of what was yet to come.”When Madonna turned 39, she asked him to sing “Happy Birthday” at her party.Can you tell me any stories from the 90s soul scene? As well as being D’Angelo’s girlfriend, Angie shared songwriting credits on his albums Brown Sugar and Voodoo. Then it got more difficult because you had to look a certain way. I wasn’t eating but was on medication (that made me gain weight). Before the birth of New Jack Swing (a genre led by Teddy Riley of Guy and Blackstreet) I wrote a song with (Vertical Hold band-mate) David Bright. The song was called New Jack – referring to someone new, a new kid (at this point Angie bursts into song with New Jack). I often wonder if they took that (inspiration) from me. Do you feel you got enough credit for D’Angelo’s success? He is such a gifted artist – all I was was an anchor when he was a new jack. It wasn’t until Brown Sugar came out that people actually took a good look at him and said, “You know what?He’s fine.” Then all of a sudden, he’s so fine he shouldn’t be with me.” She’s dead on with the success = fine theory.“He was asked to get into another car, where he would be escorted by Vivica Fox,” Stone says, her voice breaking slightly. One press report had her sitting on his lap and French-kissing him.The lissome Fox had just appeared with Will Smith in the blockbuster Independence Day. In fact, two sources say that ultimately D rebuffed her advances at another gathering not long after.