Who is alexandra von furstenberg dating

and his father was half German and half Italian, the son of the German Prince Tassilo zu Fürstenberg of the House of Fürstenberg and his Italian first wife, Clara Agnelli, the elder sister of the chairman of FIAT, Gianni Agnelli. Prince Alexander and his sister Princess Tatiana von Fürstenberg were raised in New York City.Alex attended Brown University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1993.

Since 2001, he has acted as Chief Investment Officer of Arrow Investments, Inc., a private investment office that serves the Diller-von Furstenberg family.

“The attention was flattering but discreet,” Marie-Chantal waxes of her and her sisters’ pre-blog heyday, which pales in comparison to today’s antics.

Observes Alexandra, “Everything is much more mass and unrealistic.

All images from REX FEATURES Alexandra and her father, Bob Miller. Alexandra's dress was pouffy and grand, but simple at the same time.

And I love that she and her husband are ' Alex and Alex!' You are most welcome, Alexandria.