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I'll share the juicy details of how I met my dates, what happened on said dates, how I dealt with breakups, and what I did to find (and keep) the partnership I've always sought.

Goblin was harassing me about having hot and heavy sex talks with behinder on a semi-regular basis. His coup de gras was getting me to masturbate after getting so excited that I couldn't help myself. Technorati Tags: Behinder, betrayal, Goblin, intimacy, online chat, seduction, sex, std nurse This site chronicles my personal dating stories.

She had no idea at the time what her boyfriend was doing with me, nor did she know of the overlap between us when they first met.

Later, much later, I found out that he was dating the STD nurse during this whole eight month long fiasco.

And then I explain my definition of love, which is essentially to see the nasty in someone, and STILL care about them.I'll admit it: I talked at length about sex with an ex, namely Behinder (the guy my friends say I am still in love with). I usually cringe when calling him an ex, because we only really dated for a couple of weeks, but whatever. He then said that STD Nurse knew he flirts with me, and thinks its harmless.I explained that what we'd been doing was well beyond flirting, and he bloody well knows it. Then he tells me he obviously can't change my mind, to which I am puzzled.Luck Butterfly Productions (ABC network) is looking for committed couples over the age of 21 in California willing to discuss their relationship problems on-camera with a lisenced therapist.Interested pairs can contact Paige at prmsd [at] yahoo [dot] com. addicted to chat baby mama drama Behinder being needy betrayal Better Than Sex Guy bitter women christian carter coffee date dateless dating chat dating cliches dating disaster dealbreakers deal breakers delusional drunk dialing emotionally distant men empowered ex from hell farmer first dates forgiveness Goblin guy speak heartbroken homesteader marc morning sex mustaches okcupid quality dating prospects seeing your date on a date sex sexagenarian in the city sex doll single dads something is missing stalkers std nurse stood up The Dude the non-date the talk weird coincidences WP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck requires Flash Player 9 or better. It started when I shared the comments of, interestingly enough, one of the same people who has been jeering me about still having feelings for the guy. I might as well come up with a name for the guy, since I've mentioned him twice now. This dating blog is rated NC-17 with occasional blips into more adult territory.MTV is looking for 18 men who haven't had sex with a woman and have limited experience socially with the opposite sex.The men profiled on the reality TV show will be followed as they try to find a girlfriend.