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The camera is configured to create a continuous stream which is uploaded to the servers of Rail Cam and is served to this web page from there.The Weather Cat software that handles the weather station data also produces time-lapse movies, which are not currently available on this site.The latest image is displayed below (refresh the page to update the image).Criminals might befriend victims online by using a fake identity and then persuade them to perform sexual acts in front of their webcam, often by using an attractive woman to entice the victim to participate.To the left of the paddock is the wildflower meadow area whilst behind the stables is the open land between Bracken House and the former Millington Springs Nursing Home.The camera used is a Hik Vision 4MP bullet camera supplied and fitted by Smart and Secure Homes.Here is a live image of Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa)(1085m 3,560ft) taken from the Snowdonia National Park Authority Offices in Penrhyndeudraeth, around 10 miles (South) away as the crow flies. To see the latest image, please refresh your browser.

Victims are often worried about reporting these offences to the police because they are embarrassed.Below is a live image of Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) (1085m / 3,560ft) taken from the Snowdonia National Park Authority Offices in Penrhyndeudraeth, around 10 miles (South) away as the crow flies. Dog Owners The countryside is a great place to exercise your dog but this should be done responsibly and where your dog does not become a nuisance or danger to livestock, wildlife or other people (or other dogs).The camera taking this view is positioned at the top of Bracken House and looks down onto the paddock and stables.If someone threatens to share explicit images of you unless you pay them money: Remember that you're the victim of organised criminals - you're not alone and confidential support is available. If this has happened to you and you're under 18 please talk to an adult that you trust.This view of the summit of Snowdon - weather permitting!These women may have been coerced into these actions using financial incentives or threats.These webcam videos are recorded by the criminals who then threaten to share the images with the victims’ friends and family.I don't think my life is bad at all, it's actually really good.Benvenuti su Dolomiti Webcam, dove potete vedere in diretta trenta webcam sparse in tutta la Val di Fassa, sia in fondovalle che in quota sulle piste da sci.- is from Elidir Fach and provided courtesy of the Snowdonia Weather Stations Project.It is updated every minute, but you may need to click 'refresh'.