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Initializes the COM library on the current thread and identifies the concurrency model as single-thread apartment (STA).

New applications should call Co Initialize Ex instead of Co Initialize.

So suggests an article in The Times, proposing that when we’re stuck in line, we should think of what we stand to gain. I doubt that’s the case when we’re queuing for food with a toddler in our arms and a squirmy sibling yanking on our sleeve.

I doubt that’s the case in any circumstance when we’ve been patient and polite, and someone jumps the line. In his article at The Times’s Upshot, Tyler Cowen, professor of economics at George Mason University, writes: As Cowen expounds on the economic, commercial and consumer behavior angles of waiting for goods and services, he also notes that income inequality results in (older) more affluent buyers who have access to memberships (and their privileges), and reserved seating (rather than waiting).

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Every young lady dreams of meeting the man of her dreams, falling in love, having a storybook wedding, and living happily ever after. Cruse walks you through the pitfalls of dating--the games, the deceit, and the manipulation--that is so prevalent in relationships today. Cruse has taken the Word of God and has come out of these situations, and so can you. However, in reality, that dream oftentimes becomes a nightmare.

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