Updating partition details in twrp

Now before you begin with, just do take note and keep this in mind, that rooting your Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will trip the KNOX counter.

This will eventually void the warranty of your phone.

Here is the index of the page: A reliable backup is a must – especially when thoroughly investigating your (new) Android phone, testing a lot of apps, and playing with all those settings – so in case of trouble you can simply revert.

Or think of upgrading to a newer/different ROM: Do you want to spend hours afterwards fuzzing around re-instalingl and re-configuring all your applications and settings – if the same result can be achieved by just tapping three times and leaning back?

They can also be left over files from before your last Android update.

If that happens your device could be trying to use stored files that are not meant for your current version of Android.

Think of it the same way you think of your browser cache.

It will enhance your understanding on the application and at the same time tell you why is this application a must have for any Android user.Aside from that, some downside on a rooted phone; (1) Some apps will stop working perfectly. KNOX basically an app which also include a security counter that is hidden in the system data.(2) Your phone will no longer received any official software update. Yes, it technically voids the warranty of your Galaxy S6. So if somehow there is something might go wrong with your phone and you have to send it back to your dealer for the fix, then you might have to cover all the paperweight if they’ve found out that it was rooted. A tripped KNOX will no longer work and this is not irreversible.That means you can easily flash the 243MB KRT16O Android 4.4 build right now without waiting any further, no matter what your rooting/bootloader situation is.Of course, if you've modified the system partition in such a way that the OTA won't apply cleanly anymore, you have to either revert those changes or wait for the factory image.Update #1: The latest Nova Launcher beta enables transparency and works like a charm: Update #2: How To Try The Google Experience Launcher With Translucent Bars And Google Now Once You Get Your Kit Kat Update [APK Download]. You don't need a USB cable if you're just planning to download the OTA zip directly to your device and flash it from recovery.You must be running Android 4.3 JSS15R for this OTA to work.Root Galaxy S6 SM-G920F and S6 Edge SM-G925F 5.1.1 update using the “Unikernel”.This root method has been tried and tested on almost all Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge variants.Those which can require root access – and so does Titanium Backup.Of course, you need an Android phone which – you might have guessed from the preface – must be “rooted”.