Updating election polls dating excuse bad timing

Because of the high level of uncertainty in the race, we can’t say the door is closed on a narrow Trump victory.

And we’re certainly a week or two removed from the period when every poll brought good news for Clinton: Plenty of polls now show negative trend lines for her (in addition to others that show a positive trend).

The poll witnessed about 71 per cent voter turnout across the state in the first phase of panchayat polls.

(ALSO READ: Odisha Panchayat Elections 2017: Polling underway for third phase, counting to begin from 1 PM) In the first phase of Odisha panchayat elections, a total of 188 Zilla Parishad seats were contested.

Now that the presidential debates have finished, we've updated our electoral map once again.

Like our last update, this one shifted more states away from Donald Trump.

As Democratic strategist Steve Schale likes to note about his state, in the past four elections, about 30.5 million presidential votes have been cast in Florida, and the difference between Republicans and Democrats comes to 71,000 votes -- just 0.24% of the total. But this year, Clinton seems to be on track to break that pattern.

(Our forecast still has Clinton ahead in New Hampshire — by about 2 points — but there’s plenty of polling to support the notion of a small Trump lead there instead.) That means Clinton has 268 electoral votes in states where she’s clearly ahead in the polls — two short of the 270 she needs.

Thus, while Clinton’s a 76 percent favorite to win the popular vote according to our polls-only forecast, her odds are more tenuous — 64 percent — to win the Electoral College.

But polls indicate that Evan Mc Mullin, a former congressional staff member and CIA operative who is a graduate of Brigham Young University, could win there.

If so, he'd be the first third-party candidate to win a state since George Wallace in 1968.