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You're not going to see a dime until you've been put on hold for 30 minutes, faxed the paperwork twice to somebody in Minnetonka, Minn., and demanded to talk to a supervisor.So imagine my surprise when I read this week about the loosey-goosey process United Health used to issue billions of dollars' worth of stock options to top executives over the past few years.

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Or did a lot of CEOs just have amazingly good luck?

A stock option gives the recipient the right to purchase stock at a set price.

That exercise price, or strike price, usually takes one of three forms: the closing price on the day of the grant; an average of the highs and lows of the day; or the closing price from the previous day.

Mc Guire joined United Healthcare in November 1988 as an executive vice president when the Peak Health Plan, of which he was then president and chief operating officer, was acquired by United.

In May 1989, he was appointed to the board of directors and became chief operating officer of United.

Unitedhealth stock options backdating