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There are plenty of sites out there with the same purpose as “seeking an arrangement.” Some encourage accepting dates based on the highest bid (which teeters on the verge of prostitution) and others allow you to search by salary (which is tattooed with a more shallow intention).

But Seeking Arrangement doesn’t permit either traits, and none have the sincere quality of understanding that this site does.

However, this new phenomenon is sweeping colleges across the nation, and the website skirts the issue of prostitution by promoting "Sugar Baby University," a platform where young women can exchange "companionship" for guidance, and in some cases, intimacy.

The website launched in 2006 and has over 5 million users of which 2 million are college students, according to the website's statistics, which tracks student registrations with their (dot) edu email addresses.

Dating while going through a divorce can have a number of negative effects on the divorce proceedings, both in court and emotionally.

Then, there’s a type of relationship that has recently become defined and continues to gain popularity – ‘mutually beneficial relationship’.

These women, "sugar babies," are showered with riches by much wealthier, older men, "sugar daddies," in exchange for companionship.

It is inevitable to think the only thing men seek is sex.

The good news is that today, there are more and more housing options to choose from.

The bad news is that today, there are more and more options to choose from.