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Since Apple released i Tunes for Windows back in 2003, it has become one of the most popular music programs on the platform.

Here we list the common i Tunes installation errors and also the corresponding workarounds.There is no Apple software that I can install without getting the error message. Mike You say you removed itunes from Control Panel. Quite often the Windows Uninstaller (as well as the apps own uninstaller) leave many orphaned items behind. Rebel, Thanks for the suggestion, but I did try that with no luck.I tried searching for some type of uninstaller that would remove all traces of Apple, but I found nothing. You should try a good uninstaller such as Revo uninstaller. As I am not ready for a system restore, is there any other suggestions?I can I remove all traces of Apple products so that I can try installing things again? I just want to get the software back on my system so that my wife can use her i Tunes again. This does the first step using the Windows uninstaller, then goes after the orphaned components and files. After uninstalling with Revo, I would use CCleaner to further clean up left behind stuff. CCleaner found numerous registry entries so I removed them also. Mike My latest attempt to install gives me a "denied permission" error to the following keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr ent Version\Installer\User Data\S-1-5-18\Componentscca8258a4ded1129f7858d558d5939\f8d 4d91c344d6f4f9c09785f90d9b37 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr ent Version\Installer\User Data\S-1-5-18\Componentsf9e7ea97a1aee54490637032025def9\e60 3eb826ad5c9f4db0bbd3a8c6cffdf I set the permissions on the main key to allow full access to it and all subkeys, but the subkey permissions will not take and I can not get them changed.Once you have cleaned up things a little better see if the install will work. Can I safely delete these problem keys and try an install?I only use i Tunes for syncing my i Phone with my Windows 7 PC, so I don't know if a clean install of the new version would get rid of any other errors which might appear when trying to install a new i Tunes over an old one. It runs 5 or 6 additional processes in the task manager and quite a bit of memory even when i Tunes isn't running.Errors during i Tunes updates have never occurred for me till now, and I hope they won't in future. Is it necessary to have all these processes running when I'm not even running i Tunes?I'm running the current version 11.14 and I haven't any issues. I'd like to stop i Tunes from hijacking CPU and memory when I'm not using it.there are couple changes on the music sorces the Radio Tap has move to the first tap regarding about accessibility looks okay personally I haven't seen any accessible changes. This has been an issue with i Tunes Version 11.1.4. Or download i Tunes 11.1.5 which is available now from the Apple website.Even though i Tunes has become a staple of most PCs, it has also earned a reputation as a despised piece of software.In fact, it won the Groovy Post award for worst software ever.