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Second marriages unfortunately bring along with them complications and issues that were never even a fleeting thought when people first went down the aisle.Children, past lovers and living arrangements just to name a few, there are many things to consider before simply jumping into another marriage,(…) More Western Men And Younger Thai Women I am always bombarded with questions from concerned Western men about why beautiful and younger Thai women would be interested in them and if their intentions are virtuous.It is exciting, flattering and shows your appreciation for her.Many Western men are very aware of the(…) More Love Again – Have You Considered A Thai Wife?

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Below are 5 specific reasons why they’re marriage material.

Meine Daten Größe: 1,55m Gewicht: 50 Kg Beruf: Selbstständig Textilhandel Sprachen: Laotisch, Thai, etwas englisch Kinder: 1 Junge, 12 Jahre Hobbys: Kochen, Musik hören Partnerwunsch: Ich komme aus ROIET in Thailand und suche einen Netten, humorvollen Mann im Alter von 45 bis 60 Jahren, möglichst im Raum Norddeutschland, weil meine Schwester in Bremen lebt.

Bitte nur Briefe mit Fotos an die Adresse meiner Schwester, die die Post an mich weiter leitet.

A Thai wife is not(…) More There Are Many Reasons For Western Men To Look For An Asian Wife In the Western world, divorce rate has rapidly spun out of control with the divorce rate nearing the fifty percent mark in many Western countries. These days people in the West do(…) More The Original Attraction: Western Man And Asian Wife There has always been a huge distinction between East and West and for hundreds of years, tales of the orient have intrigued Westerners and created dreams of traveling to these unknown lands.

As travel became more common and much cheaper, these dreams became realities for many people(…) More If You Are On The Pursuit Of Love In Thailand, Then The Bars Are Not The Places To Find It.