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This guide provides the most important information on these universities.In addition to the 12 universities, there are also further types of universities that are not covered here: 8 universities of applied sciences, 20 universities of teacher education and several university institutes receiving financial support from the Swiss Confederation. Offers everything prospective students need to know about studying in Switzerland.Overview There are 12 universities awarding doctorate degrees in Switzerland.

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Hi everybody, I'm currently an MBA student, Marketing Management major and I would like to pursue my Ph D studies in Switzerland.

Can somebody please tell me about the language requirements, can I find universities where Ph D studies are taught on English only.

I would like to ask if there are any universities in Switzerland, where there is a possibility to study whole Master studies in English without knowing French or German.

I am interested in the field of Management/Marketing or other business related studies. Yes, there are a number of schools with English for MBA for example.