Submissive adult chat bot

Fifteen years ago monsters attacked Japan and wreaked horrific devastation, so we designed a robot boy to fight them should they ever return.

You are that robot boy, Robot Boy.”“This is a lot to take in,” says your mom on the far right.

You’ve raised a well-behaved, unfailingly polite and, by all accounts, exceedingly kind child — exactly as you hoped.

Except that, while everyone is raving about how sweet and obedient your kid is, you’re secretly worried that he’s deferring too much to other children, avoids confrontation and doesn’t know how to stick up for himself. As the child of an alcoholic father, I learned early that being “easygoing” made people more agreeable, less angry and argumentative.

Recently, a bunch of classmates called her generally quiet 11-year-old daughter, Charlotte, “stupid.” Charlotte later told her mom about the schoolyard incident, and reported that she chose to say nothing in response, and simply changed the subject.

Yan admired Charlotte for not escalating the situation, but she has also realized that her daughter may need to develop her assertiveness as she grows older.

Unlike the Echo (or even Siri), you'll have to physically press the mic button on the Gatebox to talk to your rear-projected idol; the device won't just pick up your oral commands.

The company admits there's only limited conversation interactions anyhow, although there's a text message-based Chatbot for Hikari if you're also not much of a talker.

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But we sometimes wonder whether we’re setting them up to be dissatisfied and overly deferential as adults.

Nancy Yan,* a Toronto mother, has been asking herself the same questions lately.

“Just know that we love you, son, and believe that you will do a great job at fighting monsters.

Also, we’ve detected sonar signals indicating that monsters are walking across the ocean toward Tokyo and will attack Japan today.” Itsumi is the smartest girl in school and a dedicated student.