Steve jobs wife dating black man

Yesterday, the news broke about how Silicon Valley interests were buying themselves into the good graces of Cory Booker, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Senator from New Jersey and potential Presidential contender (although perhaps more plausibly as a Republican), by starting up a social media firm for him.Obama's had Wall Street's back, so Silicon Valley wants its own pro-plutocrat black President.

He's doing it the old fashioned way: wooing a rich widow. Now we’ve learned that Fenty is dating Laurene Powell Jobs, the billionaire widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.He later re-enrolled at De Anza College and transferred to University of California, Berkeley in 1971.Before focusing his attention on Apple, he was employed at Hewlett-Packard where he designed calculators.It was during this time that he befriended Steve Jobs.Steve Wozniak was introduced to Jobs by friend Bill Fernandez, who attended Homestead High School with Jobs in 1971.Steve Jobs spent his final days surrounded by close family members, and used his last interview to explain to his wife and children why he "wasn't always there for them," it was revealed yesterday.The Apple founder's biographer, Walter Isaacson, said that when he visited Mr Jobs a few weeks ago, he found him curled up in pain in a downstairs bedroom because he had become too weak to climb stairs. "His mind was still sharp and his humour vibrant," Mr Isaacson recalled.The College Track board position led to his job as a special adviser at Andreessen Horowitz.He met co-founder Marc Andreessen at a College Track event; Andreessen’s wife is a close personal friend of Powell Jobs.The Post says Fenty met the firm’s co-founder, Marc Andreessen, at a College Track event, and that Andreessen’s wife is a close friend of Powell Jobs.According to the Post’s sources, a friendship between Fenty and Powell Jobs turned into a “budding romance” at about the same time that Fenty and his wife, Michelle, announced their split at the beginning of this year, although the paper says it doesn’t appear Powell Jobs played a role in the separation.