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Gatsometer BV, manufacturer of the UK's Red Light Cameras, (named Gatso RLC 36) has been producing RLC's since 1966.

The RLC system is triggered by sensors or ground loops that are cut into road surface as a vehicle passes over them, while a red light is shown.

Devon and Cornwall Police carried out a speed check at an offence hotspot in Barnstaple with three Year 10 students helping out, and caught someone doing nearly 20mph over the limit.

Then we can work out how many cars are using the road and the percentage of how many are speeding." Jack said he was really enjoying his work experience and had wanted to become a police officer for as long as he could remember.

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Most of Devon's speed cameras are well sign-posted and are housed in the familiar yellow boxes, and if you didn't see them at the side of the road you would spot the lines on the carriageway.

But did you know that there are also 20 hidden cameras across the county, which need no street makings and which you probably didn't even know wee cameras - unless you've been caught.