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Jennifer chafed when I ordered her around and rolled her eyes when I stayed in character between takes.At the end of Red Dawn, however, when we shot her character's death scene, she seemed to warm to me.The 25-year-old singer and dancer was mesmerizing as she contorted and slithered her way around a fictional gym in just a thong.If Teyana's Flashdance moves were not enough, the beauty then stripped down to show off her terrifically toned body in a sensual shower scene.Stars were feeling confident on the red carpet this week!

As they kissed up and down each other's bodies, it was hard to tell what was acting and what was far too intimate for so many eyes to be seeing.

The role of Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing was by no means mine for the taking.

I had to audition with my co-star Jennifer Grey, with whom I'd worked on the war movie, Red Dawn.

Back in January, the New York Times reported that the Giants moved on Ben Mc Adoo in part to keep him from taking a second interview with the Eagles. We’re four games into Mc Adoo’s reign with Big Blue and three into Doug Pederson’s in Philly, so there are no definitive proclamations to be made.

But if the Eagles indeed had Mc Adoo atop their wish list (the team has denied this, though they’d have to deny it at this point since you can’t admit your current head coach wasn’t your first choice), they might have avoided disaster thanks to their NFC East rivals.