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The burka was imposed on them subsequently by the Taliban.

Wearing the burka is a foreign imposition on the women of Afghanistan, and it is an alien provocation in our society.

It is difficult not to feel that President Obama is playing to his domestic gallery in his treatment of BP.

Hi I'm Rachel recently moved from York's to lincs and am looking for new friends who can keep me sane whilst living in the middle of no where lol!

Raoul Moat was a murderer on the run, which is a fact that cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be blamed upon the police.

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Its not all doom and gloom I have met a few friends and Im a mobile hairdresser so thats good for meeting new people.For overseas clients, that need to validate the authenticity of the certificate as having been produced in the UK, we also offer an apostille/legalisation service, whereby an apostille is attached to the reverse of the certificate.Last year I had a conservatory built on to my semi-detached house by BAC.I've 2 children and 2 step children and in need of support to settle in and navigate our way to whats on and what's to do.seem to be travelling back to yorkshire alot and I need to stop and start building my life here.. Welcome to county of pot holes and rubbish transport. We have just moved to Ruskington so I'm a bit in the same boat. I have a 2 year old boy, James, and pregnant again, due in April. I'm so used to having everything on my door step so travelling 8 miles to the nearest shoptions is wearing thin lol...Iris Dainton, Louth, Lincolnshire Moat the murderer SIR – Angus Moat claims that his brother Raoul was “not a psycho killer”, but “a man who’s had a nervous breakdown” (report, Issue 990).That may be, but many people are unfortunate enough to suffer nervous breakdowns while few of them set out to murder and maim as a result.As for places to go, Lincoln is nice, it is like a smaller York. Website this is Lincolnshire has local days out on it. never minded my own company but feeling really isolated down here and need to get out of my funk xx Hi Hun just read your thread and thought OMG this is me!!If you find anything exciting going on can you let me know. Im 30 My names Hayley and Im out at Branston, where are you??BP is a global company with almost as many American investors as British, and more American than British employees.Without minimising BP’s role, one should also take into account that many American companies were also involved.