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I want to try and make my points as relevant to you as possible so that the time you spend listening to me is not wasted. How you do in Class 12 makes the biggest difference in the life of a young person.This is because, in our context, marks obtained in class 12 final examinations basically decide to a very large extent, what you become in your future life. scholarships are given based on the ranking in your class 12 marks. To add more realism to the game, try to add specific details to your turn. This ensures that staff and other players understand what you're saying, or trying to say. It often hinders the game, even causing massive disputes in some cases. The European Union was disbanded by Germany and France after numerous talks, ultimately making it a failure.

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After an early lunch, you'll visit the national museum (Ta-dzong).

The museum preserves rare Bhutanese artefacts, remnants of the rich culture and history.

After this, continue to Rinpung Dzong (or Paro Dzong), which means "fortress of the heap of jewels." This particular complex has the administrative and religious headquarters for the Paro district.

It gives me great pleasure to be here with you to speak a few words at the invitation of your respected Principal who was my classmate, and is my friend. Do you know what it means to be in Classes 11 and 12?

Your school’s Wednesday guest lecture program is a noble initiative as you get to listen to different perspectives shared by people with various backgrounds and experiences. You may not be fully aware, but Classes 11 and 12 are the most critical times of your student life.