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The RSD videos and I are CLEARLY the problem around here. @Rollo Tyler made a video just for you specifically, I time-stamped it at so no one wastes their time on this useless advertising content: “Sex with strangers is foreign to mankind.” Irrelevant article-filler.“Thus, that whole James Bond mysterious Alpha-Sigma fantasy, is just that, a fantasy.What This Does NOT Mean Sometimes I get the impression that people who read my stuff think that when I date / sarge for new women, I’m sitting back like an emotionless robot, pressing buttons on my phone or computer, then stoically going through the motions on first dates.While it’s very true I manage my time as best I can, and do have a strict system I work with (because I know it works), that doesn’t mean I’m not getting excited about the prospects of being with a new beautiful woman. During these times I’m as excited as the most lovestruck, oneitisy beta male after he’s been laid by a woman who is Not Like The Rest™. I go to bed thinking about which one (or two, maybe even or three! I’m a man, and let’s be real here, all men are teenagers at heart to a degree (especially when it comes to sex and women).They were one point down I think, with the clock ticking, time was running out…12 seconds counting… Btw, I have applied all of them at one point or another and am still applying them today.MJ, with the ball, welcomes the defender following directly in front of him then expertly and unexpectedly changes direction, crossing the ball over to the side leaving him in the dust, the defender almost falling over …8 seconds left… They have worked for me and I hope they work for you or at least point you in the right direction to success.On PUA Forum, I find a message from 2011 by the previous organiser of the sarge when it was invite only. nom nom nom." As I approach the group of men gathered outside Marks & Spencers in Covent Garden, I wonder if all the rhetoric of self improvement is really the way in which these men con themselves into thinking the sarge is a holistic, self-edifying and spiritual pursuit; when in actuality it’s a method and a means to manipulate women and get them into bed.Atul quit sarging earlier this year – he now has therapy, a gym routine and a girlfriend (who he met online) – so instead, I shadow Phil for the day. A bad break up led him to the PUA community, which led him to Saturday Sarge.

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The right-swipes, compatibility questionnaires, and perfect profile pictures of 21st Century online dating don't belong here.

Instead, it’s a weekly free and open-to-all meet up designed to help men face their fears and insecurities by approaching women. A quick look on the Saturday Sarge website reveals some elements of self improvement, but the videos of Zen meditation are vastly out numbered by links to pick up artist (PUA) forums and personalities – infamous for their neurolinguistic programming techniques, ‘negging’ and hypnosis schools of seduction.

I also check out one or two PUA chat rooms to see if the sarge has an active online presence in the PUA community.

only to spectacularly and gracefully score a jump shot that he had probably practiced a couple thousand times to perfection. Many other good players would have missed that shot, being under so much pressure and knowing what it would mean on many different levels.

But MJ was one cat that had SERIOUSLY put the effort in and could, when push came to shove, really perform and execute when required (I’m sure some of you, even if you’re not basketball fans, know who MJ is and feel what I’m saying.