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Select the cells that contain the data: Figure 1: Select the table area Next, on the Home tab of the ribbon, find the group called "Styles".

Click on the button that says "Format as Table" (see figure 2): Figure 2: "Format as Table" button on the Styles group of the Home tab.

The first session will show a rowset with a snapshot taken once a second detailing the locks present and the being-processed queue items. Start Time; WAITFOR TIME @Time; BEGIN TRAN; --SET @Queue ID = ( -- SELECT TOP 1 Queue ID -- FROM dbo.

It works sometimes, and other times doesn't work at all. Queue WITH (READPAST, UPDLOCK) -- WHERE Status ID = 1 -- ready -- ORDER BY Queued Date, Queue ID --); --UPDATE dbo. Queue WITH (ROWLOCK, READPAST) WHERE Status ID = 1 ORDER BY Queued Date, Queue ID ) Q PRINT @Queue ID; WAITFOR DELAY ''; -- Release it partway through the test ROLLBACK TRAN; -- Simulate client disconnecting /* Session 3: Run a near-continuous series of "failed" queue processing.

After you’ve finished these steps, your table will look like figure 5.

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Note: Fixes previously available in Cognos BI 10.2.1 FP1 Feature Bundle are included in Cognos BI 10.2.1 FP3.

This article has been published on the Microsoft site (in Dutch) With the release of Excel 2007, Microsoft has introduced a new concept of working with tables of data.

This new functionality is (not surprisingly) called "Tables".