Rules of the dating game

Also, some of these aren't "rules" per se, but more like observations or insights. RULE 1: Women communicate in two modes: the way things are, and the way they WISH things were. RULE 2: Women desire attention the same way that guys desire sex. RULE 4: Confidence attracts women even more than good looks.

This is why you see fat, ugly, or dumpy guys with hot chicks. You will attract more women when you don't care if you're attracting women. Things involving some activity are best: pool, bowling, roller blading, mini-golf, dancing, etc. RULE 10: Do not give gifts early in the relationship. Accept the fact that you're going to get rejected more times than not. RULE 23: Getting advice about women from a woman is like asking Osama bin Laden to tell you the locations of all his terrorist camps.

by Giovanni Casanova The following list has been compiled as the result of insights on these forums as well as my own personal experiences.

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RULE 11: Girls will test guys to see how much they can skate by with. Speak your opinions, stand by your convictions, and don't put up with excessive amounts of BS. Until then, anything is fair game for both parties involved. Even though she and I weren’t speaking at that point, I dated her older brother a couple of years earlier, and I didn’t want it to seem like I had it out for her by hooking up with this guy too.I refused his request for my number and thought that was the end of that, until he called me a few days later (a friend of mine who didn’t know about any of this gave him my number).Last night I opened to a few random pages of the book "The Game," a guide for pick-up artists by Neil Strauss.According to many guys I know, this is a must read.I don’t think necessarily it’s a matter of “” but that society itself is forgetting to teach future generations what it means to be a gentleman with technology to blame.The popular usage of social media has changed the rules of dating so intensely, dating is now more of a game than an intimate interaction of getting to know each other, and more confusing than ever.It would ache in a good way every time I imagined his gorgeous face.The flowers were slowly budding out of their September shyness, and I wanted to be right there with them.The style of dating has evolved from asking a girl to “go steady” with you, to formally asking a girl if you “may take her out”, to meeting a girl on tinder, to seeing if she’s down to “Netflix and Chill”, and even seeing if she’ll make the first move.There’s nothing wrong with a girl taking the reigns, but society has taken it too far my friends.