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What we do know is that once the members of Imperial Court caught a whiff, they were hooked.While the Chinese found smoking tobacco distasteful, snuff, which mixed tobacco with herbs and spices, was believed to have medicinal properties.One of the most successful fragrances from Calvin Klein is CK One, the citrus unisex fragrance from 1994.CK One Shock is a surprise for all the fans of CK One line.At the same time, it’s a fragrance that’s trickled down to so many male hygiene products (green, fresh, not that far for Irish Spring, if way more complex) that it still works beautifully. This juice is pretty potent and I can still smell it on my skin the day after application. It's on the short list of things to grab if my house is on fire. It's a few simple notes, blended to utter perfection. My husband didn't like this on me so lucky him, he got the whole bottle.

The court, however, did not have access to substantial quantities of snuff until Jesuit missionaries, hoping to gain access to the "Forbidden Kingdom," presented Kangxi, the second emperor of the Qing Dynasty, with an elaborate snuff box in 1684.Green Irish Tweed by Creed is a classic Fougere fragrance.One of the signature scents of the house of Creed, this "walk through the Irish countrywide" is a favorite of many celebrities.Sorry beloved Creed, c'est la vie I finally received a decant of this yesterday. I’m also finally able to figure out the few different floral elements that make up this abstract fresh scent. I just received a small sample of this, but I've drawn my conclusion already. Then the dry down appears to reveal none other than.... Call me crazy, but I own Aspen (see my review) and even did blind tests of both with family members. of course i get the cool water comparison in the top notes but thats it. I will have to update this review as I have only just received this scent.I was really excited to find out what GIT actually smells like. This is the real deal though, it’s potent, it’s complex, it’s rich. In the end, I find this smell a bit dated, but not dated in that ’60s Guerlain or vintage Dior sense, it’s just very ’80s/’90s to me. the dry down of this frag is absolutely beautiful and natural smelling. I did not realise initially that this was a "male" scent but I don't really care. Edit: So, this is a really sharp, strong green smelling scent. It either fights with other scents (for me) or overwhelms them.It is not an unisex edition, but two separate oriental compositions: CK One Shock For Her and CK One Shock For Him.CK One Shock For Him is built around aromatic, spicy and deep oriental nuances.Contrary to what the bottle would have you believe, inside is a sweet, comforting cherry tobacco fragrance with hints of vanilla.While the opening had this aerosol-vibe that reminded me of an Axe body-spray, that particular note vanishes in minutes. It has an Eagle engraved on blade and says Remember The Alamo 1836. In 1901, the school was expanded into the General Service and Staff College and opened to officers of all branches. The lock is missing from trunk and the leather handle. THIS ROSEVILLE LARGE CHERRY BLOSSOM VASE HAS A VERY CRISP AND SHARP MOLD WITH A BRILLIANT ARTISTIC DESIGN!! k This is a 56 inch knife and 8 inches wide with a wood handle commemorating the Alamo. Here, also, student officers detailed from the field improved their knowledge of their profession. 5 The Hamilton Mint certifies that this one troy oz.proof quality ingot was minted in 24kt Gold on .999 Fine Silver and was produced in a limited edition of 2,500. IT IS IN EXCELLENT AGED CONDITION WITH NO CHIPS, CRACKS, HAIRLINES, OR REPAIRS.