Reasons relationships fail dating

In the event that two potential daters are "in sync" about what they expect to get from the relationship - assuming they share the same goals (e.g., longevity, children, financial success, passion, adventure, etc.)—there are five basic ways of being incompatible, and personality plays a role in all of them.

First, they may differ in ambition: If one of the two people is insanely driven and the other one totally laid-back, the relationship wont work.

Still, a sputtered pairing can leave you wondering WHY?

Relationships fail due to a difference in the desire and ability to create true intimacy.Some of you have a high level of desire and ability to create and sustain intimacy and some of you have a low level.And for many of you, this level of desire and ability will fluctuate throughout your lifetime.Yet marriages are at an all-time-low, and if divorce rates continue to increase the way the have for the past 20 years, then only a minority of couples can expect to be together for over 15 years... Furthermore, what people prioritise (among the common criteria) depends on who they are, what their values are, and where they live.For example, some people may prefer a longlasting relationship with no children to a shortlasting one with children; others, a short passionate relationship to a long, dispassionate one; and some may prefer a relationship that is compatible with their career plans (and financially advantageous) to one that is not, even if the latter is based on love.Curious to find out what type of partner you are in relationships? Online dating is one of the fastest growing industries, and many websites now include some sort of profiling tool for predicting romantic compatibility.However, few of these websites (and that is also true for most researchers working in this area) have taken the time to consider the intricate issue of predicting compatibility, namely that there is no simple way of defining relationship success. This is how your partner feels when you start believing it is your place to criticize them.A once-fantastic relationship can turn negative when one of the parties starts picking apart the other.There really isn't room for this in a flourishing relationship, where both people should be lifting one another up -- not tearing them down.For awhile, it seems you and your new interest are in the same 'space' together. She gets a job in another state, or he decides to go to graduate school and focus all of his attention there.