Radiometric dating lesson activities

The Evolution Lab contains two main parts: Students will complete the Evolution Lab with an understanding of how to build phylogenetic trees and the evidence for evolution.

The Evolution Lab is best used as an introduction to an evolution unit.

National ecosystem assessments form an essential knowledge base for safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Conceptions of Good Science in Our Data-Rich World.

Students should possess prerequisite knowledge of the structure of DNA in order to complete several of the missions.

1.5 hours for Build A Tree game; 4 hours for entire Evolution Lab lesson plan with worksheets.

Everywhere you go on this planet—on land, underground, in the air, and in the water—you’ll find life that has been shaped by evolution.

In NOVA’s Evolution Lab, students will explore the evidence of evolution through the lens of phylogeny.

Currently, criticisms being thrown at data-intensive science are reinvigorating these debates.

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This lesson is the first of a two-part series on fossils.

Many children today can name a dinosaur on sight regardless of how lengthy the name. These lessons will go beyond naming dinosaurs and give students a broad understanding of how we know about the great beasts.