Quotes dating multiple guys

Carina Hsieh, who works at Cosmopolitan, was stuck in a dating 'rut' when she resolved to let Sex And The City's heroine take control of her Tinder account.

For one day, she replied to men on the platform using only a few of the fictional columnist's iconic quotes.

I liked the simplicity of one." And Esther admits: "I subscribe to Romantic Ideology.

I want the Perfect Guy..one slightly imperfect guy. There isn't just one who has been able to satisfy me." Several songs describe this phenomenon; another example is the following: "I've got two lovers and I ain't ashamed, Two lovers, and I love them both the same" (Mary Wells).

During that brief period, I had sex with both of them—one upstairs and one downstairs." Although both Esther and Iris have loved two people at the same time, each really craved the old-fashioned romantic love.

My selection process was strategic: choosing a range of single friends across the full spectrum of male stereotypes, from well-meaning playboy to overly articulate nice guy.

After the first man walks, she gets pity - happens.

For the woman with multiple baby daddies (is that even a word?

Its always been a rule for me to not date women with kids and i cant see how having multiple children by multiple men was ever a good idea. I dont pity women with multiple kids with different daddys.

In a way, I see it as kind of interesting because they are actually ensuring that their DNA survives for many generations to come.