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In another incident, a newborn was found in a fridge in Johannesburg in April.

The baby was found alive in a residential yard with its umbilical cord still attached.

Earlier this month a newborn baby girl was found dumped in a bush in Delft.

A passerby found the little girl wrapped in a blanket near the Tsunami informal settlement.

The dominant character, Roseanne, relies on sarcasm and belittling comments in relating to her husband and disciplining her kids.

The family faces a variety of challenges, which aren't necessarily handled with grace, making this one sitcom that doesn't sanitize the day-to-day life of regular folks.

She came here because of her cousin."Another sex worker urged Eyewitness News to take up the offer to avoid disappointment."It is best if you take her because they will swindle you and tell you they are older when they are actually younger."The woman charged R100 for what is termed a 'full house.'CHILDREN STILL SUFFERING IN SA Cape Town NGO Molo Songololo said even though great strides were made to protect children in South Africa more could be done as the country marks national Child Protection Week.

The drive started on Monday with the theme this year entitled: 'Working Together to Protect Children.'Since the beginning of the year there were many reports on sexual violence against children and more recently mothers dumping their newborn babies.

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Manhunt says that the ad sparked dozens of complaints which began pouring into its Massachusetts headquarters, but one mom blogger pushed their ads to national attention.

"You try explaining the “Zero feet away MANHUNT MOBILE” phone application to your 9-year-old son.

A 9-year-old who loves Army guys, and so noticed the dog tags right away." She explains it's not the "blatant porniness" or that the ad is gay-focused which bothers her: It’s the fact that I am forced to figure out a way to frame to my fourth-grader the fact that some people like to find casual sex partners fast using their mobile phones...

The Players: Manhunt, a gay dating site founded in 2001 with over 6.5 million members and their new, racy, gay billboards; Kelly Cole, co-president of the Valley View elementary PTA who thinks those ads are too racy and gay.

The Opening Serve: Manhunt's recent ad campaign for the location-based dating app has hit billboards in Los Angeles.