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In his quest for attaining Heaven, Pucci used many immoral methods including murder, manipulation and bribery.

Pucci was particularly callous about human lives, considering that he worked for the greater good anyway and that these sacrifices were insignificant.

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It is possible that he had some formal education, as he mentions during police chases that he took a night class in criminal law (however this could be sarcasm).

Trevor has good mathematical skills, which is confirmed by Wade, who says that Trevor is very good at "numbers", but this statement could be due to Wade's even lower intelligence.

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Underhanded tactics are not beneath him: Pucci favors imposing cruel choices to his enemies, for instance throwing Jotaro's Memory DISC into the dying Anasui, and asking Jolyne whether she wants to stop him or save Jotaro, as the DISC will disappear if Anasui dies and her father as a result, and Pucci would drive Jotaro through a similar choice in his final battle.

Trevor was born and raised in Canada, near the Canada/United States border or as he calls it - the "Canadian border region of America".

In a conversation with Franklin while hanging out, he claims he "grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother" and has "served time, my country, your country and myself." Even as a child, he had a history of rage issues and violent impulses that ruined his attempts to fit into society (notably, it is implied that he, in a fit of rage, sodomized his hockey coach with a hockey stick and he implies in a conversation with Cletus that at some point he strangled a clarinet player with his own instrument).

He replaces his previous belt with a much larger double belt, and his wrists now have golden bands.

The priest Enrico Pucci is a fanatic committed to a heretical notion of God's will and to DIO's plan.