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In fact, this is one of my chief criticisms of anime in general.

It’s a flaw that’s in some ways baked into the medium, but it needn’t be. It lacks the necessary refinement to be truly effective. You can see it when events happen because the writers feel they need to happen, rather than them flowing naturally from the events before; think of Shouichi and Tooru showing up at the kissing spot at the end, and having a sudden date, because it was time for the ending.

It’s in the flash-forward epilogue, which made a certain kind of sense and I actually didn’t hate, but also felt tacked on.

It’s in this arc working about 80% of the time, which is much better than the first arc, but it’s no classic.

In one, the hosts visit a water park; in another, they go to the commoner department store; and in two others, Haruhi is reunited with an old friend named Sayuri and Tamaki is reunited with an old friend named Jean-Pierre. These stories were already included in the Nintendo DS version.

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