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At the same time, two other cities decided to undertake the task of producing their own currencies.One of these was the city of Amastris, which produced in the past also Mithridatic coins.During the period immediately before the Roman annexation (85-65 BC), we observe a profusion of 12 different types.The main mint was the city of Amisus, while smaller mints were established in the cities of Cabeira, Chabacta and Comana.But there are still hordes of Iranian-American businessmen shuttling between Dubai and Tehran seeking business deals, and Americans without any Iranian heritage seem to face no risks at all.

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If you prefer spring or summer greens, tsavorite garnet from Africa comes in clear light greens to rich dark greens and is more affordable than fine emeralds.They’re beautiful, durable, and most garnets are very affordable.The name “garnet” comes from the Roman word granatus meaning “seed,” as the gems were thought to resemble pomegranate seeds.For sure the ruling clergy fear the effects of westernizing influence and take a dark view of any dealings with America that could endanger their theocratic control.Indeed coincidentally on the day our tour started a dual Iranian-American businessman, Siamak Namazi, was arrested - apparently as a warning to Iranian-Americans that the signing of the nuclear deal did not mean that all the old hostility against the "Great Satan" had been buried.Already before the annexation of northern Asia Minor by the Romans, the cities of Pontus (around 12 of them) produced their own bronze currencies, which circulated throughout the region.Most of the types on these coins include Mithridatic connotations based on the association of the royal line with the God Dionysus.The most common garnets are the red to red-brown varieties that people know best.Red garnets can show almost as much fire as rubies.Many of our group had been warned by anxious relatives not to come to Iran, or had been asked to email home every day to reassure their family they were safe.Yet very quickly after arriving in Tehran all apprehension evaporated in the face of the enthusiastic openness to Americans.