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It’s a stunning development at the heart of a deepening scandal engulfing the Hollywood megastar who was once the highest paid actor on television. For the first time, Radar can reveal kinky Sheen, 50, was the megastar identified only as someone of “substantial international fame” in explosive litigation that alleged he orchestrated a “nefarious plot” to lure a victim into sex despite having herpes.

PHOTOS: Drugs, Guns & Hookers — 23 Epic Sheen Scandals Before Charlie’s HIV Diagnosis According to a million lawsuit, the plaintiff — who, like Sheen, was also not named — met the celebrity in Las Vegas on April 1, 2011.

You may be concerned about how blood cancer and treatment will affect your current or future relationships and your sexuality.

Sexuality refers to physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual factors.

If you're of childbearing age, birth control is important because some cancer treatments can harm an unborn child.

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Call it 'disgusting' or say you don't like doing it and you might as well say, 'You disgust me.Having an orgasm will make you sleep better and reduces stress levels making you feel calmer generally.But the most persuasive reason of all is that having it tonight will make you more likely to want it the next time you're 'too tired'.It includes self-image, body image, reproductive ability, emotional intimacy, sensual feelings and sexual functioning.Sexuality-related concerns may arise from the physical aspects of your disease or treatment, as well as from emotional aspects.A consultation with a gynecologist, urologist or family physician, an oncology social worker or a certified sex therapist may also be helpful.You may want to get information from support organizations, including information about maintaining intimacy in your relationships and ways you can feel more attractive.My googling turns up many different answers from sexperts and normal people, and I don't know how to separate the information wheat from the chaff.The more cautious sources indicate that one should use a dental dam (with some lube on the receiver's side of the dam).When the body is truly exhausted, our desire for sex shuts down to conserve the little energy you have left for more essential needs - like pumping blood around.But if you're just in that too-tired-to-be-bothered mood, making the effort yields all sorts of benefits.