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The star, who played super-villain Izzy Hoyland on Neighbours from 2003 until 2006, discussed reprising her role on the show, telling TV Week: You never know! TV Week reports that Nat feels 'protective of her alter ego', with Delta Goodrem now playing 'an 'Izzy'' character on Channel Nine's drama, House Husbands.'That's just weird,' Nat joked to the publication. 'However, the star also claimed, 'I don't know if I would even remember how to play her.' Since she left the show over a decade ago, Natalie has been busy in both her personal and professional life.

' about a return to Neighbours to reprise her role as villain Izzy Hoyland, whose affair with Dr Karl created one of the soap's most memorable story lines Izzy was one of the most infamous characters in the soap's thirty-two year history, and her reappearance on the show wouldn't be the first shock return of the year, with Madeleine West reprising her role as Dee Bliss.'Everyone keeps saying 'Come back! Known for being manipulative and a man-eater, Nat's character Izzy had bombshell affairs with both Paul Robinson and Dr Karl Kennedy, creating some of the soap's juiciest story lines.

'I've heard that you want to start prioritising your family, what made you say that? 'I've always tried to do that balance thing of no phone, but it kinda gets washed over...

sometimes you're at their sports event and you're kinda looking through your phone and answering an email.' Nat replied.

Of all your things you do, what’s most important to you? I don’t define myself as a singer or any of those things any more. I like to create, I like to be challenged, I like to be inspired. For any working mum I think it’s exactly the same, but my daughter goes to daycare twice a week and we have someone to help us twice a week.

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She has also just signed on as the new judge on The X Factor New Zealand to fill the role left by judge Natalia Kills, who was dismissed after a tirade on air. This week was a crazy one: Neighbours on Monday, meetings for … I have had less than 24 hours to get a vibe for my category but they are so brilliant. Did you think X Factor judge Natalia Kills crossed the line with her recent outburst? At the moment it’s almost 24 hours’ a day Chi Khi, quite literally. It has been about 18 months from the idea to it actually coming to life. You mentioned that you’re back in the screen room – are you getting back into acting? Last year I’ve been bit more on a spiritual journey.

NATALIE WORE Dion Lee top and Scanlan and Theodore skirt.

She's currently in the South African jungle competing on the current season of I'm A Celebrity... But Natalie Bassingthwaighte may soon be returning to Ramsay Street. Izzy was the arch-enemy of Karl's estranged wife Susan, but with Karl and Susan now back together, Izzy's return would no doubt cause more fireworks.

"I couldn't feed him, or have any of those special moments you long for, but somehow I knew it was going to be okay," she said."Something like that definitely makes you reassess what's important and there have been many tears since."We are just happy he is healthy and happy."Already a mum to two-year-old Harper, Bassingthwaighte also revealed that she’s thinking about adding more children to their growing family."Oh my God, as soon as Hendrix came I said, 'I want to do this again and again',” she said.“It's not just my decision, but I could do it more and more."See more unusual celebrity baby names in our gallery.

Brock is a two-part television dramatisation that follows the life of Australian motor racing legend, Peter Brock.

Natalie bassingthwaighte dating