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Catfish have no scales, eight fleshy barbels or "whiskers" around their mouth and strong, sharp spines found at the insertion of the dorsal and pectoral fins.

Learn tips for identifying Iowa's large catfish with this helpful guide.

The police of Hiawatha, Iowa experienced a truly unusual and tragic series of events this month.

Little did they know that following the bizarre behavior of a naked man would lead to the investigation of Deb Roman’s death.

(Jared Strong/Carroll Daily Times Herald / Associated Press) CARROLL, Iowa – Carrie Sapp teased her husband, Brad, about being afraid of ghosts when he said he heard someone whisper “get out of here” while he was sorting cans at his Iowa recycling business. She told the Daily Times Herald ( ) that the man explained, “I was playing hide-and-seek with my cousin. Firefighters initially planned to use a rope to pull Jordan Kajewski from the chimney, but eventually opted to hammer a hole in it and pulled him out.

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Kajewski got stuck in a chimney there for at least eight hours. Sapp said she was working the next morning at the Carroll Redemption Center when she heard a man yell for help from the chimney. ” The police were called, as was the fire department, which eventually managed to free the soot-covered, naked man.According to authorities, it was here that he took off his clothes and then doused them in gasoline in the church’s shed. Hubbard was caught and was unable to set fire to the church.The incident is still under heavy investigation, and has left both family members and citizens of Hiawatha devastated and baffled.It may just be one of the most puzzling crime investigations this friendly Iowa town has seen.Iowa Senator Joni Ernst today said she is “very disappointed” and angered by the conduct of thousands of male soldiers who have posted and viewed naked photos of female soldiers on a private Facebook page.“There is absolutely no excuse for this,” Ernst said, “especially for those who wear our nation’s uniform.” The “Marine United” Facebook page was created as a private meeting place for active duty and retired Marines, but a veteran who runs the “War Horse” news site recently revealed photos of female Marines were being posted on the Marines United page. “Those who participated in these disgusting and horrible actions have not only failed our Marine Corps, they’ve failed the men and women who wish to join your ranks,” Ernst said, “and they have failed our country.” Ernst cited additional reporting which indicates similar activity in other branches of the military.Ernst, a retired Iowa National Guard commander who is a combat veteran, spoke today during a U. “This is a cultural problem, not just in our military, but society at large and hearing that many individuals were not surprised about these reports disappoints me.Watch them working out naked and delight with their share beauty!Naked women on cam presenting their nude assets and also scenes of raw masturbation in a series of special XXX porn videos.A whole collection to provide old women fun sex in a really hot manner and with plenty of high quality features.A fascinating collection of amateur model nude clips with real life amateur beauties presenting themselves in solo scenes.