Miura haruma and yui aragaki dating

Then there was the rumor with Ai Takahashi (leader of Morning Musume), somewhere around the middle of 2008.

There was a picture of him taken exiting a building with her.

Both of them have worked in a film two years ago." Needless to say, the two met in 2007 movie 'Koizora'.

The same with Miura he is at the height of his popularity now.

The pictures published on this issue of FRIDAY are just of Aragaki's agency car entering the parking lot of the said apartment, Nishikido walking on the sidewalk, and Aragaki going home into the apartment.

If they have indeed broken up, then there's no point in living within the same building.

Haruma Miura is slated to star opposite Shun Oguri in Takashi Miike's Crows Zero 2. Dear Haruma Miura san, I love your acting, your voice and YOU! I've watched all of ur movies and TV dramas/movies. P.s Hope you and any of your family members weren't caught in the disasterous quake. i totally fall in love with him in bloody monday, he's such a hottie.

I love him in all his projects but some of them just breaks my heart to pieces. And if i remember correctly, Miura isn't Haruma's last name, that it's just his stage name :) I'm just curious, and this thought has been bugging me eversince, is Haruma-kun and Shohei-kun somewhat related to each other? They were all awesome im waiting for more ;) :* Loves u Ever since I've watched the last season of Gokusen, I've been a big fan of yours to be honest. yes i love his smile, he can totally capture your heart with his smile. I think you should be a UNICEF Ambassador or something. Not just the young ones, but the young at hearts also.

The one you are referring to is the picture of him holding hands with Natsuki Harada, who is 5 years older than him.So it can be assumed that their relationship have prospered ever since." - (Johnny's writer)Nishikido has previously graced the pages of FRIDAY in 2011 when a woman he hooked up with leaked pictures of him in bed, and this past February when he was also picking up girls in Hawaii with the Akanishi troop."Nishikido recently planned to go cruising with the Akanishi troop members but got stranded at the airport due to bad weather.So I wouldn't really call her his current girlfriend.First was the rumor about his high school classmate, Saki Fukuda...Hmmm, maybe you should watch HT DVD in which he went to New York with Satou Takeru?I initially wasn't interested in him either, but after watching him in varieties I got interested.That picture was taken around the end of 2008 - early 2009.Rumors of Haruma Miura (20) and Yui Aragaki (22) living together in the luxury apartments of downtown Tokyo has been circulating in the Japanese media since 2009, ever since it was hinted in a show called "Sunday Japan" by Dave Spector: "Okinawa-born actress/singer A. At the time, Aragaki's agent had refused the rumors, but Miura's agent could not be contacted. She's immensly popular because of her sweet and innocent image and dating might destroy that which would lead to loosing fans.There are always so called pictures but they are always so blurry or unclear.And why on earth would they kiss infron of the bulding if they know there were paparazzo standing close by.