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John Gray has helped millions of men and women develop better relationships with his phenomenal New York Times bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

Now he blasts off into the exciting territory of the singles universe, applying his unique experience to unattached men and women--including the newly separated or divorced--looking for lasting intimacy.

About halfway through, though, it started to feel like Gray was getting paid by the word, and some of the chapters and "advice" seemed a bit unnecessary.

For example, there's a section talking about using words like "very" and "so" to help accentuate how you enjoyed a date, using examples of them in sentences.

It's been pretty close to perfect over all until last weekend.

2/28/2016 I like this book because it gets me thru the different stages of dating.

Like the explanation of our gender differences and how to meet halfway in a healthy and happy way.

I use this knowledge even in my personal relationships and get to understand them better. 6/20/2013 This book is an unbelievable book and I feel stupid for taking this long to buy it; I really could have used this book 11 years ago.

Just getting through the first two chapters thus far has changed my entire perspective about dating.