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Any user on the social network may read and see these links if the account of one of their online friends gets infected with certain malware.TH, 27, a worker at a furniture company in Hanoi, said one day she signed onto her Facebook account as usual and received tens of messages from her friends that she did not understand at first.

Trump is willing to engage in the discussion about his own daughter, telling Stern that she did not get implants.Moreover, the Vietnamese have invited the US to return to a naval base there and has allowed Vietnam to buy weapons both will have an effect of further integrating American ways of thinking and technology into Vietnam.I have never been on a moped before, mainly because I have always been warned that they are death traps.According to (former) Vietnamese that visit Vietnam and have family there, South Vietnam still retains many of its pre-war capitalist culture and roots compared with the Communist North (and also compared with China).There is also a large now successful Vietnamese Diaspora in the US and perhaps other countries that are familiar with Vietnam and might want to do business there.In 2004, he discussed his sex life again, revealing 'I'm not into anal,' while on another occasion, that same year, he held a bizarre discussion about his then-girlfriend Melania's toilet habits (pictured together earlier this month as Trump celebrated his New Hampshire primary victory)Since joining the presidential race, Trump has made a play for the veteran vote - offering veterans groups six-figures to appear at his campaign rallies.He even held a fundraiser for them instead of attending a debate in the run-up to the caucuses.On a bad day you can feel the smog in your lungs as you walk around. The same is true when it comes to crossing the road.Before visiting Saigon I read various alarming accounts of people’s struggles to get across the heaving traffic.Their accounts are infected with sex spam, which is common on social networks.By just clicking on a certain link, one’s account gets infected with it and it will automatically multiply links with sexual videos and content and send them to other users in their friend list.