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It is the first time that an accomplishment in the category Dedicated Service to Heritage obtains the highest number of votes.11,500 people voted for their favourite heritage achievements in Europe via an online poll conducted by Europa Nostra.

It was a tiny insignificant place so there is no reason why it should be mentioned.

B Josephus doesn't' mention it, but it is mentioned in Antiquity.

Basically this is an argument from silence, there are four major points A Argument from silence is never proof of anything. Yet this is the basis of the first Skeptical argument. But that's because he was not writting a travel logue.

He had no reason to mention it, it was a very small and unimportant village; almost a bump in the road, that does not prove that it didn't exist. It was only four miles form a major city (Sarapis) but it was so small only about 35 families lived there and shared a single family farm, a dray farm, subsisting on only rain water.