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" He then asked the reality TV star if she would date the actor.

She said simply, "We'll see..."The two first met while filming "Watch What Happens Live" last December.

Here’s our list of people who we hope will come out in 2015…

Kevin Spacey Despite being photographed playing naked “butt bongos” with male pals while partying off the Croatian coast in 2008, getting snapped by paparazzi cozying up with a male model in Los Angeles in 2000, or filing a police report after being mugged at 4 a.m.

WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Jodie Sweetin Has High Praise for John Stamos' New Girlfriend -- 'We Are Welcoming Her Into the Family' But he does have a softer side.

The reports this like Jennifer and James parted amicably, and they could have, but it sounds to me like she didn’t have any time for him once she got famous.

It could be true that she’s dating Rhodes as they were photographed out together: [Jennifer Hudson] traded the Chicago maintenance engineer for New York Jets football player Kerry Rhodes.

More and more notables are opening up and, in the process, paving the way for future generations to live more openly and freely.

Remember, girls, wanting more people to join our elite club is the ultimate form of flattery.