Jerry and elaine dating rules

Two seasons later David would write an even more famous episode, "The Contest," in which the word "masturbation" is never uttered despite the fact that the entire story revolves around it. Actually, the line itself doesn't do Jason Alexander's delivery justice.Similarly, in this episode, the words "sex" or "sleep together" are never used during Jerry and Elaine's lengthy conversation. He has just ranted and raved to Jerry that it is impossible to have regular sex without a dating relationship.Upon the realization that neither of them has had sexual relations in a while they start toying with the idea of sleeping together.They refer to their friendship as "this" and sexual intercourse as "that".Instead, sex is referred to only as "that," sometimes accompanied by a gesture in the direction of the bedroom. He hears the first rule and mutters this line to himself as he recognizes its brilliance.JERRY: For example, now, I call you whenever I'm inclined and vice versa. JERRY: But if we did that, we might feel a certain obligation to call. "That's pretty good." For Jerry and George, this rule liberates them from relationship obligations for a 24-hour period following the sex act. GEORGE: I know less about women than anyone in the world.“The Deal” is the ninth episode of Season 2, and it was first aired on May 2, 1991.As they are watching TV in Jerry's apartment, Jerry and Elaine flip through the channels, stumbling upon the soft-core pornography channel.

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They take a dress off the rack, and they hold it up against themself. They stick one leg way out 'cause they nedd to know, if some day I'm one-legged, and at a fourty-five degree angle, what am I gonna wear? You never see a guy take a suit off the rack, put his head in the neck, and go, "What do you think about this suit? Neither Elaine or Jerry have had sex for awhile and they begin to speculate on how they could become sexual partners again but still remain friends no matter what happens.They agree on a set of rules that they think will keep their friendship intact but it soon becomes apparent that it isn't going to work very well.Alli is a graduate of Salve Regina University, Class of 2011.She worked for three years in the incredibly rewarding field of Oncology Research and currently works in Legal Education.Opening Monologue: I've been watching women in the department stores. They're trying on clothes, and I've noticed that they do it differently from men. Move the shoes, move the shoes, move the shoes, move the shoes. Larry was against it but, fearing cancellation, he eventually relented and decided to use one of his personal experiences (he says so in the DVD interviews) for the storyline: after seeing an adult channel on TV (a random event that also spawns some priceless input from George), the former couple ponders whether to resume their relationship.Following some serious discussion, they strike a "deal": they will mix "this" (their friendship) and "that" (sex), meaning they can sleep together but not become romantically involved. Jerry: Is that like the end of the world or something? Jerry: Why shouldn't we be able to do that once in a while if we want to? (Points to the bedroom) We're in there for a while.