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I'm living my life." She realizes that she's beginning to sound pouty and stops, then looks up wide-eyed, earnestly, like an adult: "I think my personality is fighting to come out, and that personality is fighting with the image that everyone else has of me." Teeny-boppers, your good girl has gone bad. isn't quite the right word for Christina's relationship to chairs. A." She kicks her legs into the air, and they fall crossed and tangled onto the back of the seat in front of her. This time it's a full-page close-up of Eminem's head.

She molds herself into them, slouching her back into the right angle between the backrest and the seat, throwing her legs against whatever object is in front of her and utilizing any wall or nearby stationary object to contour the rest of her body against. The T-shirt she wears is black, exposes her navel and reads, in letters across her chest, ROCKSTAR. " It sometimes seems like Christina uses magazine interviews as dating services: Many of the guys she's mentioned as being cute — Fred Durst, Eminem, Enrique Iglesias, Carson Daly — she's later been linked to. But I haven't seriously dated a celebrity yet." So now you're going to meet DMX? "It's craaaaazyyyy, crazy." She buries her nose back in ," she says, pointing to one of the girls, Nikki De Loach, who was in the same illustrious 1993 cast of the show with Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez of ' N Sync, and Keri Russell of Felicity. She pulls the magazine toward her face, until it is just an inch away from her well-glossed lips, and whispers something indecipherable to the image.

Tarek also has been dating since their split, and he chose to move on with the family's nanny, Alyssa Logan.

Their relationship was short-lived and he opened up about their fling in February. “I was going through a tough time, and she’s amazing." He also explained that he made sure not to hold hands with Alyssa because he didn't want to confuse his children — he shares six-year-old daughter Taylor and 16-month-old son Brayden.

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Indeed, if one sets aside his own monumental artistic creations, his other activities on behalf of art, history, and culture would still have guaranteed him a place at the very heart of the artistic and cultural history of Norway.

gave his full name which Art Bell blocked out, saying, "We never allow last names on the air so we're going to have to call you by a nickname.

" His full name is later given as "Jonathan Christian Webster III" in e-mails written to Bell in 2002 by Edna Pringle, whom J. later said on-air was "a disciple" and "servant" of his. "He is what he is," Bell said, "and I assure you J. Even given his emphasis on works over faith many Fundamentalists and Catholics alike would consider his attitude, if not his legalism, on the fringe. C.'s views seem to be a composite of various medieval superstitions and anti-Christian stereotypes, suggesting to some that he may not be genuine.

"I wasn't sure if I should wear that shirt," she admits after the Much Music show. Just because I have a certain image, everyone wants me to be this role model.

But nobody is perfect, and nobody can live up to that. Or maybe it's just been along, confusing nine months.