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The change in Servlet 3.0 & 3.1 (JSR 340) allows serving static resources and JSPs from within a JAR stored in WEB-INF/lib.

It is important to make the difference between the structure of a project and the structure of the resulting WAR file.

The structure of the project will in some cases partially reflect the structure of the WAR file (for static resources such as JSP files or HTML and Java Script files, but this is not always the case. Among other things Maven defines defaults for which resources in the project structure map to what resources in the resulting artifact (the resulting artifact is the WAR file in this case).

In some cases the mapping consists of a plain copy process in other cases the mapping process includes a transformation, such as filtering or compiling and others.

The West Java police on Monday had named him as a suspect for defaming the national ideology of Pancasila and Mr Sukarno, taking him a step closer to being tried in court.

The case is centred on his alleged remark to an audience that Mr Sukarno had written an earlier version of Pancasila that did not prioritise a belief in God.