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Di Benedetto Kevin Andrew Higgins Amy Gurton Mead Leon Vance Joan Wilkerson Meeting Dates - September 17-18 , 2016 Prior Judge - Eric Smith Jon Woodman - 10/25/16 By Governor Bill Walker John C. Maslakowski Krista Anderson Candice Marie Bales Jeff Bradley Jeffrey Frank Davis Romano D. Glover Janella Combs Kamai Tara Logsdon Trina Marie Sears (withdrew)Nicholas Spiropoulos Meeting Dates - March 29-30, 2016 Prior Justice - Dana Fabe Susan M. Jeffery Angela Greene - 11/20/2014 By Governor Sean Parnell Eric Booth Smith Nelson Traverso Ken Covell Thomas I. Wendlandt Meeting Date - 10/1-5/2012 Prior Judges - Catherine Easter, Paul E.

Carney - 5/12/2016 By Governor Bill Walker Andrew Guidi Jahna Lindemuth Philip Pallenberg Ruth Botstein Kevin G. Roetman David Avraham Voluck Meeting Dates - October 8-9, 2015 Prior Judge - Michael Spaan Dani Crosby - 11/24/2015 By Governor Bill Walker Kevin T. - 7/24/2015 by Governor Bill Walker Dani Crosby Josie Garton Jonathan Woodman Erin White Bradley Elizabeth D. Temple Meeting Date - June 5, 2014 Prior Judge - Sen K. Corey - 7/23/2014 By Governor Sean Parnell Elizabeth Brennan Josie Garton Jonathan Woodman Roberta C. Zimmerman Meeting Date - 1/16/2013 Prior Judge - Ben Esch Tim Dooley - 3/5/2013 By Governor Sean Parnell John A. Devaney, III (withdrew) Angela Greene (withdrew) Karen L. Olson Leslie Dickson - 11/9/2012 By Governor Sean Parnell Jennifer Stuart Henderson - 11/9/2012 By Governor Sean Parnell Michael B.

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Meeting Date - To Be Announced Prior Judge - Nathaniel Peters Meeting Date - To Be Announced Prior Judges - Alex Swiderski Meeting Dates - March 27-30, 2017 Prior Judges - Patrick J. Olson Josie Garton Judge Jennifer Stuart Henderson Brewster Jamieson Yvonne Lamoureux Thomas A. Yim Meeting Date -08/8-10/2012 Prior Judge - Peter A. Marston - 9/24/2012 By Governor Sean Parnell Sidney Kay Billingslea Elizabeth Brennan Roberta C. Mc Connell - Apponted to Bethel Superior Court, July 11, 2012 by Governor Sean Parnell Mark P. Maassen - 8/9/2012 By Governor Sean Parnell Andy Harrington Joel H.