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In this post, we offers some basic tips below to help you out of this app problem, and it applies to most of i Phone 6/6s/5/5s/SE/4s/7 and even i Pad/i Pod touch. Check Your Network Connection and Retry The bad connection may result in "Waiting" apps.

There are several threads on the Apple support forums, and a handful tweets about the issue as well.: Uninstalling or deleting the i Pad or i Phone app with the stuck update problem should be the last resort because you will lose all of your app data (such as documents, preferences, settings, other cached data) when you uninstall an i Pad or i Phone app by tapping the 'X' icon.Please note that the following steps will erase all your data that is associated with the stuck app (such as documents, preferences, settings, other cached data).Hope this helps I just wanted to thank you for your suggestion.I tried literally every other method of deleting it short of resetting all settings or restoring an old backup, and this was the only thing that worked :)Here's what worked for me.The fix is fairly easy and straightforward, although the restore could potentially cause you to lose pictures and other data if you haven’t backed up your phone.We first heard about the issue from a Genius working an at Apple Store, who said that he had seen a lot of people come in with the issue last week.So if you are going to download or update apps on App Store, you are not advised to use VPN. Reset Network Settings Of course, you can try to reset Wi-Fi, Cellular and VPN network settings to default by going to Settings To fix your App Store problem, you can try to power off your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch and refresh all processes on your device by pressing "Power" button and then sliding to power off.Summary Are your i Pad or i Phone apps grayed out and stuck on the "Waiting" status after updating to i OS 9.3.5 or i OS 10?  Touch the [Update] icon to restart the update.It has been few months since the release of i OS 10, and now i OS 10.3.2 is available to public.