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Today, I was actually making coffee (I have been homemade coffee deprived for almost a week now because all of our makers were at the new place, but we were staying at the old place.

Poor planing on my behalf) and I felt totally at home - seeing that I have been a modern day ski bum vagabond most of my life it is really nice to find a place and feel comfortable - the best part about making coffee this morning was that something reminded me of the beach (and when I say the beach I mean OBX) with a dash of camp - it was AWESOME.

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) and the nightmare of cleaning our other apartment.

BUT we are all finally moved in, of course, we are completely surrounded by boxes...which I am unpacking today.

Honestly, this has been one of the hardest moves I have done because Spence was tied up with school a majority of the time, I had work and finding appliances (yes, we are now the proud owners of our VERY own gas oven and refrigerator - which I believe that our freezer has superhero characteristics because I JUST filled the ice cube tray up about 20 minutes ago, and the they have already frozen!

Spence and I have been wicked busy moving in out our new place.