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Their behavior is destroying our family/relationship. Like many of us I’m related to a lot of mentally ill people. Stop arranging the desk chairs and get on a damn lifeboat. Thank god its a lot better these days and they can lead normal loving lives, albeit the funding for mental health is way too low so the services are poor and usually short of staff as with most of the NHS!

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This is the reason the Government has advanced significant initiatives to breathe new life into the East End.

He later added: Its great to celebrate what we can achieve together.

And Im happy to say that Bermudas friends at NCL are delivering on a commitment to work with the Government of Bermuda, the Bermuda Tourism Authority and the Town of St George to boost the fortunes of the East End after far too many years of limited economic momentum.

I remember playing video games, I remember playing on the lawn, I remember how he screamed when he broke his arm, I remember how thrilled he was when he got a remote-controlled car for Christmas, and I remember the way he used to twirl his hair around his finger so it was always in knots. And now he is an abusive, destructive force that no one can stand to be around lest they get pulled into convincing delusions and psychoses or have to fear his violent rage. However you cant blame your sister’s behaviour on her illness as you will find people can and do behave that way without a mental illness!!

Being in the same room with him is like being hit repeatedly with a hard, blunt abject. People can lead destructive lives, again without having mental illness as an excuse!