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Antique clocks, and antique clock identification, cover a wide spectrum of information ranging from the first collectible clock made in the sixteenth century, the lantern clock, to the clocks of the early twentieth century.Although the odds of finding an original lantern clock at a local tag sale or auction are practically nil, the possibility of finding a late nineteenth century Ansonia mantle clock or a Gustav Becker weight driven wall clock from the same era are real possibilities.The rosewood veneer has a wonderful dark patina that only comes from years of age.

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This is only the second one of these we have ever found. Depending on your browser you may have to click again on the picture.Just look at the detail of the shingles on the roof.It has a classic solid brass plate German movement typical for 1880's that runs 8-days plus and strikes the hour and half hour.When I first started my antique clock collection, the first thing I noticed was how little I knew about the clocks I had.There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. I’m still a long way from knowing everything though.Becker clocks were almost exclusively weight-driven regulator wall clocks which bore his initials on the weights.Serial numbers on Becker clocks indicate which year the clock was manufactured.” Most people do not collect antique clocks per se, but end up with one or two clocks that were handed down from family members.Some people will see a clock at an antique store that would look good in a certain room of their house, and end up with it that way.In addition to American clocks, there are many that were made in Europe, South America and Asia.Still there are certain things to look for on a clock to help identify it and the time period when it was made.