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Enjoy our Goth talk and pique your curiosity while you add a new contact to your chat list every day!Please note that in order to access CHAT you MUST have the Passions Network site in your account.It can be found in the ‘Other Sites’ section of the SITES page.I've been here a few years now, and I've learned a lot, and met good friends during my time here. but now im thinking its alot better, i think the site has got a whole lot better and all the different rooms are great for anybody and everybody, and i use it like.....everyday haha. If you're just browsing the web right now, I highly recommend you try at least one chat. Erm...i've been using this site for about 2 years. Thanks Dan for putting your time towards Teen chat :) Teen chat is the best chat website ever developed, it's highly addictive, and you get the opportunity to meet many unique, yet very interesting people of all ages.It's got a good roleplay community as well, which is great to integrate with. I have made unbelievable amounts of friends here, as if it were a real community of its own. I've been on teen chat for about 6 years, somewhat off, and on but I have never had any problems with it so far, that's why I enjoy myself on this site so much. We have zero tolerance for illegal material on this site.Please click Removal link above to express content concerns for immediate removal.Talk about your Vamp costume, your latest Goth experience or your plans for future.You will feel at home with a plethora of Goth fans who are just waiting to meet someone like you!Before I left, I took off the underwear, went commando, and hopped in his car.He put his hand up my skirt again and noticed I wasn't wearing any underwear. To this day, he still thinks I took off my underwear because I was horny, which I was, but I really did it because I didn't want him to know I was wearing boy's briefs!