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Governments crave for it, companies seek access to it, and cyber criminals probably want it the most.Messaging, either via the Internet or through good, ol’ SMSs, is today’s go-to communication method. Younger generations – from Y to Z – would rather text than call someone at any time of day and night (myself included). Employees in companies of all types and sizes are heavily using instant messaging apps as well.Now instant messaging apps are cross-platform, so you can sync your conversation across your smartphone, tablet and desktop. You may think you’re sharing data confidentially when using Facebook Messenger, Skype or Snapchat, but sometimes it’s just an illusion.

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Thank you for visiting – the official recruitment site of America's Navy.Whether you converse privately or professionally, what you are talking about on your phone may be important to criminals.They may end up getting your personal information through your chats such as credit card info and other critical info.ut Bullying™ Help Chat Line is a free and confidential online chat that helps youth ages 13-24 ONLY with issues around bullying and cyberbullying; as well as providing support to youths who may be at risk of suicide.Our live trained counselors will ask you questions and listen so they can help you create a plan. However recently due to schedule changes, the Help Chat Line is currently available during the hours below.If you want to see all the best encrypted messaging apps in one place, then this is the guide you’re looking for.We did a roundup of these encrypted apps because the battle for our data is fiercer than ever.For information about IT and cyber certifications, please see the , part of the DHS and NIST National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE).DC3’s mission is to deliver superior digital forensics and multimedia lab services, cyber technical training, research, development, testing and evaluation, and cyber analysis capabilities supporting cyber counterintelligence and counterterrorism, criminal investigations, intrusion forensics, law enforcement, intelligence community, critical infrastructure partners, and information operations for the Department of Defense.In addition CCIPS attorneys are available to speak to prosecutors, law enforcement and others regarding a range of IT, cybersecurity and privacy topics.For more information, or to request a speaker, please visit Responding to the threat of cybercrime, protecting privacy and public safety online, international issues in and efforts to fight computer crime, electronic evidence, ECPA, cyber-ethics, legal issues regarding electronic transactions and processes, and more.